I like random pictures

Like the title says, I like randomness. I like to take picture of everyday things. Sometimes for no particular reason. I think that not all pictures have to be all planned out, styled and edited like crazy. I really want to become a better picture taker, but I never want to take myself to seriously. Having fun while taking pictures is the most important thing for me.

Instagram Snaps IV

I liked the idea of combining some Instagram pictures I’ve been taking lately.
Pretty high buildings in The Hague / My grandpa’s very old camera / More buildings in The Hague / Relaxing cat / Beautiful sunset / Some train tracks in the Hague / My attempt at making a KitKat + M&M cake / Amsterdam / Airplane flying over our car.

Old Stories

I like three lanes. It reminds me of old movies, where a lane like the one on the first picture leads up to a beautiful mansion. My imagination takes if from there and makes up stories about people who lived there and what they were like. I like picture who do that to me.